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iON The Barrel surf project invites surfers and filmmakers to celebrate the barrel
with new video community, feature film and prizes

4 April 2013 – iON Worldwide and Carlton Dry today announced a year-long surf project celebrating surfers’ collective passion for seeking out and riding barreling waves, where the water is hollow where the wave breaks. The iON The Barrel website will showcase the vision of barrels as shot and shared by professional and amateur surfers, photographers and videographers to win monthly prizes.

“Whether you are 8 or 80 years old, if you love to surf, you love getting barreled; that’s what we go into the water seeking each day and talk about each afternoon,” explained Tony “Harro” Harrington, the project director.

“At its core, surfing is all about the barrel and now there is the technology to allow surfers to shoot and share their experiences from the very heart of waves. We’ll be ‘sharing the stoke’ at and are overwhelmed at the amount of great barrels we already have lined up for the website.”

Harrington, who has been shooting surf and snow around the globe for more than 20 years with more than 150 magazine covers to his name, has brought together an international line-up of iconic surfers to participate in the iON The Barrel Movie, slated for November release. These include Team iON surfer Reef McIntosh, Jamie Mitchell, Rusty Long, Ken “Skindog” Collins, Marty Paradisis, Peter Hayes, Justin “Jughead” Allport, Laurie Towner and a host of others.

“We’ll be on a hunt for barrels all year from Hawaii to Tahiti, up to Indonesia and down to Tasmania. The movie will track our journey and take audiences inside these beautiful, majestic waves” said Harrington. State-of-the-art cameras including iON’s ultralightweight, waterproof, Wi-Fi-enabled wearable cameras will capture the heart of the barrel while telling the behind-the-scenes story around the magic of ‘The Green Room’ and why surfers are obsessed with these hollow waves.

“We are thrilled iON cameras will be used to document these phenomenal barrel waves that embody the ecstasy of surfing,” said Giovanni Tomaselli, CEO, iON Worldwide. “For surfers, photographers and filmmakers, the experience of the barrel reaches new levels with a wearable camera that is waterproof without the added heft of a case and allows them to capture and share their passion instantly with their friends on the beach and people half-way around the world.”

The iON The Barrel website will be a gathering place for surfers and videographers to shoot and share their barrels throughout the year, winning iON cameras, Carlton Dry prizes, surf adventure packages to Papatura Island Retreat in the Solomon Islands, a VIP travel prize to the movie launch at Turtle Bay Resort on Hawaii’s North Shore in November and plenty of products from Shapers Fins.

iON The Barrel celebrates some famous surfers and iconic breaks admired by all. It showcases the soul of barrel surfing and gives every surfer and videographer with a passion for the barrel the chance to showcase their skills, get creative, win prizes and share their love of waves with a like-minded crew. “iON and Carlton Dry are ideal partners for this exciting new venture and everything The Barrel is about. Great barrels, great moments and sharing it all with great mates,” said Harrington.


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