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Adventure through town

ion adventure camera on a bike

Adventure through town

The weather in the UK recently can only be described as grim!

Thankfully spring feels like it is in the air so i decided to jump on the bike for a change. Sometimes when you attach a camera to your bars I find that you can get a lot of vibration so today I decided to attach my iON Adventure camera to the head tube of my bike so. Because the head tube on my bike is quite fat, the standard bike mount wouldn’t fit so i decided to use my  roll bar mount. This position worked well as the camera was fixed in tight and tucked in away from any cables. The lower positioning made the footage seem like i was going faster and the camera stayed straight so there was less swing than you would expect from having the camera on your handle bars.

It is great to have the ability to unlock all of the GPS data from the Adventure camera, to track your speed and route travelled but also for observing other road users behaviour.

Check out the show off in the Mercedes that blasted past me at 2:22 mins! It great to have a camera to catch bad drivers!

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