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Billy Morgan in the US Open of Snowboarding

Billy Morgan Snowboarder US OPEN

Billy Morgan in the US Open of Snowboarding

The prestigious US Open kicked off yesterday in the events new home of Vail, Colorado.

iON rider Billy Morgan fresh back from the Olympics headed straight out the USA with fellow Team GB rider Jamie Nicholls to get involved in the action.

It seemed like all of the riders were super hyped after the Olympic Games, especially the riders who had fallen under the pressure of the global audience. Also with the IOC allowing only four athletes from each Nation to compete in each Olympic discipline. There must have been many of the worlds finest snowboarders (many American) left to watch the Olympics on their home TVs. These guys must have been cursing Shaun White for giving up that precious quota spot!

So now it seemed that these guys were chomping at the bit to show that they should have been the guys selected to represent their country on that global stage.

Billy was tipped as being Red Bulls No1 out of their top 10 riders to watch out for which you can see Here


With the standard at the highest it has ever been and the pressure mounting there was no time for warming up. Billy took quite a hard slam in the training by over cooking a double cork 1080. Adding a twisted ankle to his already torn ACL. Billy soldiered on but it seemed that the crash had ruined his flow. The same jump with the same trick became billy’s failing. The double 10 is a trick that Billy normally has on lock but on this jump on this day, it wasn’t to be.

Well done Billy for representing your country in what is one of the worlds biggest snowboard events.

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Billy Morgan Olympic Snowboarder

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