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Boating with the iON Adventure

iON Adventure camera on a boat

Boating with the iON Adventure

With a suction mount included with every iON Adventure, this becomes an easy camera to mount on the smooth surface of any boat.


We decided to stick the mount to the steering column so that we could start and stop the camera with ease, however, if you wanted to stick the camera somewhere a little more out of reach you can use the iON Remote Podz to start/stop from a distance.

As this is a new boat we wanted to test its capabilities such as top speed and agility through the water. With out a speed gauge installed on the boat it would be guess work to know how fast we actually went.  Fortunately enough for us the iON Adventure has a built in GPS chip.

Having video clips with GPS Data embedded in to them we are not only able to see our top speed but can also see the route taken.

Here is a iON Adventure clip uploaded to Kinomap. If you would like to know more about the Adventure Cameras GPS capabilities please click here!

boat ride in plymouth

Photo taken on the iON Air Pro 3

This photo was taken on the Air Pro 3 which offers a 12-megapixel image sensor and produces .jpg @ 4000×3000-pixel (still-image resolution) with better light sensitivity and wider dynamic range (even in challenging low-light situations).

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