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Sam Lamiroys Surf Shack

Sam Lamiroys Surf Shack

If you want to surf like a pro, you will need to know how your kit works says Sam Lamiroy. Sam has had a long career as a Professional Surfer and he feels that the Pros get to test so many different surfboards or fins or wetsuits and this helps them find which equipment works just right for them. However it is rare that the average surfer will ever get the opportunity to experiment with different shapes or sizes without pulling out the credit cards.

However, Sam has set up the Lamiroy Surf Academy that is based on Perranporth Beach in Cornwall. You won’t just find coaching advice here but you will also find a large collection of surfboards that range from the competition stick to some of the most experimental shapes. Members are able to help their selves to this quiver whenever they want to surf. Not only can they pick the right board for the wave conditions but are also educated in why the board performs in such a way that would make it the right board for the current wave conditions.
As you can imagine, the members will naturally progress as they find the right stick for the job. Now Sam offers the opportunity to stick a camera on to their board so they can watch back the turns and slashes of the day.

Sam Lamiroy playing with iON Cameras in some small waves a Surfing video by iON Sam Lamiroy

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