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The DashCam Wi-Fi is The Perfect Witness to any accident or incident. Continuous loop recording, automatic Start/Stop, 125° wide angle field of view and incident capture you are sure to never miss a thing.

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Super HD Video Recording

1296p/30fps Super HD for crystal clear videos with a built-in microphone/speaker. Capable of 1080p/30fps and 720p/30fps.

Photo Capture

3 megapixel stills and the ability to capture photos during recording.

Continuous Loop Recording

DashCam Wi-Fi will record continuously, recording over the oldest footage unless it detects an impact.



The Perfect Witness! Automatic incident capture means no big or small accident will be missed. The camera detects an impact and automatically saves and locks the video file from being deleted/recorded over then continues to loop record.

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Built-in Wi-Fi

Built-in Wi-Fi allows users to pair the DashCam Wi-Fi with a smart device (iON DashCam App) to live view, save files, change settings and send files via e-mail.

Built-in GPS Receiver

Built-in GPS records speed and location to video files to assist in insurance claims.

Super Wide Field Of View

125° super wide field of view means all your surroundings will be captured.


Use the free DashCam app to check your camera’s content from your smart device, or change settings on the go—without ever touching your camera. 

  • Photo and Video

    • Sensor – 3MP CMOS MI3135
    • Super HD Video – 2304×1296 / 30fps
    • HD Video – 1280×720 / 30fps
    • Photo – 3 Megapixel
    • Lens – 125˚ Field Of View
    • Audio – Built-in Microphone

  • Connectivity

    • Wi-Fi – Built-in
    • GPS – Built-in
    • Connection – USB 2.0 for file transfer; 5M1A CLA for power
    • Battery – 185mAh
    • Storage – Micro SD up to 64GB (not included)

  • Design

    • Housing – Plastic
    • Dimensions – 63 x 50.7 x 24.1mm
    • Weight – 66.3g

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