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iON Adventure and its GPS Capabilities

iON Adventure and its GPS Capabilities

The iON Adventure shoots in 1080p footage and also has a built in GPS receiver, which allows users to add location, speed and altitude data to their videos.

This brings video footage to life as it enables your friends to really appreciate how fast you were travelling when you hit that tree or fell off your motorbike. Furthermore, if you were to be in an accident, your exact location and speed would sit alongside the video evidence that could then be taken to the police to prove your innocence. Not only would you be able to see who was involved in the accident you would be able to prove that you were driving / riding in a sensible manner.

Skip the below video to 3 min to see an example.

The Adventure camera has two Micro SD Card slots and two recording modes. You can change modes by flipping the switch in the back end of the camera.  One is a standard shoot mode the other is loop recording mode. When in loop mode the camera logs a clip every 5 minutes then when the SD card is full, the camera will start to overwrite the oldest clips. However, if you were to have an accident the cameras built in G-Sensor would detect the impact, instantly take a photo and protect the current clip. If you needed to protect your clip manually simply double tap on the record button.

The loop mode feature means that you do not have to keep unloading your SD cards as you know that much like a Black Box your important moments are saved with the time and date in the file name.

Extracting your GPS Data.

Short clips work best here as the file needs to be uploaded to the internet. Longer clips can be uploaded too, but you will expect to see an increase in upload time. Once you have your best clips saved you will need to upload them to the Kinomap platform to extract the GPS Data.

Here is how it is done:

Firstly you must register your account with You will then be guided through to the upload page. Once complete drag your clip on to the grey upload box.

kino map upload

Kinomap will automatically find and extract the GPS data


Within minuets a preview of your video accompanied by the GPS data will be displayed. You can then name your video, add a description and choose whether or not you would like this video to be private or viewable to all. Next hit the Start Upload button.


Once your video is uploaded you can share it with your friends, embed it on your blog or website. Get filming, uploading and sharing!


Have you tested the iON Adventure?

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