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iON Worldwide Launches iON The Game HD Video Camera for Sports and Motion Analysis

iON Worldwide Launches iON The Game HD Video Camera for Sports and Motion Analysis

Built-in Wi-Fi, LCD screen and angled clamp-mount make it easier for athletes, coaches and others to capture, analyze and share sports performance.

MOORESTOWN NJ, November 27, 2012 – iON Worldwide, the global consumer electronics company known for its fully waterproof, Wi-Fi-equipped, ultra lightweight and aerodynamic iON Air Pro action sports video cameras, today announced iON The Game™, a high-definition (HD) video camera specially designed for capturing and analyzing video of motion sports such as golf, basketball, baseball and tennis.

The iON The Game wireless HD sports video camera touts a 2.4-inch LCD color screen, making it easy to shoot footage of golf putts or tennis swings, and then play back the video instantly for analysis. The camera captures video at 1080p with playback possible at 60, as well as 30, frames per second, allowing for more detailed, slow-motion analysis. The camera also takes still photos and time-lapse sequences, and its built-in Wi-Fi communicates with iON’s iOS and Android apps to allow users to stream video, change settings and upload their best game footage to Facebook and YouTube via their smartphones.

The unique, angled mount-stand enables the iON The Game camera to be easily clamped onto nets, goal posts and fences or even perched on football field uprights. The optionally available Helmet & Bike Kit and Board Kit provide even more mounting options. The camera is waterproof at depths to 10 feet, without any additional casing, making it useable to analyze swim strokes as well as in virtually any weather conditions.

“iON The Game brings the SHOOT/SHARE™ technology of our Air Pro line to an even broader pool of athletes, coaches and consumers,” said Giovanni Tomaselli, CEO, iON Worldwide. “Whether you’re an amateur tennis player seeking to analyze your serve, ahigh school coach dedicated to helping improve your students’ performance on the basketball court, or a mom determined to capture and share your daughter’s next soccer goal, this product is designed with you in mind. iON The Game is the next step toward iON’s larger goal to offer a comprehensive line of easy-to-use, quality sports action cameras.”

The iON The Game is available for $299.99 online at


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