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Matti Hemming Interview

Matti Hemming Interview

Flatland BMXer Matti Hemming has been out and about filming with his Ion camera and as you can see the edit looks sick. So we took the opportunity to have a few words and find out more.

Matti was born and bred in deepest, darkest Wales, but has now ventured across the Severn Channel to Bristol, which he now calls home – at least when he’s there.

He’s spent the last few years working with and representing big name brands, organising high-level BMX events like the UK Flatland BMX Championships, and of course  throwing down some serious moves on riding surfaces all over the UK and Europe, blowing minds with his undeniable flatland skills at over 400 individual shows a year. He was also  involved in the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay, travelling with them for 70 days, performing to 80,000 strong crowds.


That’s quite a regime, and to say Matti has a packed schedule on the road would be to put it lightly. Yet somehow, in January 2013, Matti found time to shake things up and embark on a new adventure, deciding to try for a Guinness World Record on live TV. He is now the proud owner of the Guinness World Record for most Cliffhanger spins.

We asked Matti a few things about his new iON Air Pro 3 camera. Here’s what he had to say…

What were your first thoughts on the iON Air Pro 3 Camera, compared to other action cameras you have used in the past? 

My first thought was how light the camera is, and how easy it is to use.  You would hardly know its mounted to the bike. The footage comes out really nice as well.

What settings do you use? 1080 at 60 fps, or 720 at 120? 

Settings I use are 1080 at 60fps.

What mounts do you have, and how easy are they to use?

I have an iON Bike Mount, which works a treat. Small and lightweight again, but fits almost anywhere on my bike.

Do you use the AP3 to shoot photos too, or just video?

I’ve used the Air Pro 3 to shoot photos and video, both have come out really well. At the moment I am focussing on the video use more.

Anything you want to add?

Yeah, I like the fact you can download the iON app to your phone so you can connect a live-feed to see what you are filming.

Looking forward to using it again in few weeks on a film project.


Twitter / Instagram @MattiHemmings


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