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Videos in social media

 Increase your Social Media drive with the iON camera

Do you love watching all the videos of pets and kids saying the darndest things? I know that I do. A lot of our social media is video and photo driven. I know that in my Facebook feed the thing that I see the most are all the videos and photos they range anywhere from the gross and repulsive to the cute and cuddly. If you are looking to boost your Facebook reach and recognition than photos and videos will be a necessary part of your marketing.


Whether you are a multibillion dollar company or just trying to be one of those girls that drinks the fit teas and travels the world social media through photos and videos are key. We will want to feel as if we know you. Recording interviews of yourself and sharing them with the people who have shown an interest in your company or your self will help them to feel as though they know you.

Post often but, post relevant

When you are using social media the key to success is posting often so that your information stays at the top of the page. You will want to make sure that it stays relevant to who you are as a company. You are going to want to ensure that the majority of your posts have to do with what it is that you do. Now, if you want to share a cute puppy video every once in a while then go for it! People love their dogs. Are you getting stuck with traffic? Try a cute puppy contest that will drive a lot of people to your page!

Be Aware

Be aware of what the people that follow you like to see. Do they like to see the inspirational quotes? Do they love the selfies? Do they love your fitness tips? What ever it is turn it into a video! You can record your self getting ready, record your workouts and give a little teaser for free. Whatever it is that you do you can record it. Since the iON camera has a standard tripod mount you can start recording without having to purchase a lot of mounts to be able to record yourself. Don’t forget to purchase a high speed micro SD card or you will definitely be in trouble.

Share it right away

When you create the content share it! The great thing about the iON camera is that you are able to share instantly. You don’t have to go home plug it in wait to download and then share it. You can shoot the footage and share it right away from your phone. You sync the camera to your smart device and then download the footage right there and share it instantly to your social media sites. This allows you to be in constant reach of your consumers.


I hope this helps you with your social media reach to see why using the iON camera to get there makes your life easier and you can get back to living faster.

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