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What are people saying about the SnapCam?

the iON SnapCam

What are people saying about the SnapCam?

iON Camera announced the iON SnapCam at the recent International CES show in Las Vegas.

The show is known as a global stage for innovation and if this year’s CES show was any indication, wearable tech is one of the trends that will continue to pick up steam over the next few years.

The iON SnapCam isn’t meant to be attached to the helmets, skis and snowboards of extreme sports stars but rather to the hats, clothing and bags of the everyday consumer.

Check out the buzz from the press below.

the iON SnapCam

Crave Online – It’s not often I find myself wishing I could yank the lens from my smartphone and tape it to my shirt collar or brim of a favourite baseball cap. And yet, the folks at iON have long been envisioning exactly that, and are sporting the fruits of their labor in the form of a tiny, incredibly lightweight wearable camera called the iON SnapCam. Will the SnapCam snap under the weight of expectation when pitted against the likes of flagship smartphone heavy-hitters? Maybe. But dismissing it for that reason misses the goal of the product entirely.

When I say the SnapCam is small, I’m probably underselling it — the thing is tiny, and would feel right at home alongside an iPod Nano or similarly micro-sized technological device. At just an inch-and-a-half tall and wide and less than a third-of-an-inch thin, the feathery 1 oz. SnapCam really can be clipped on anywhere. The folks at iON’s CES booth mentioned that it snaps well to shirt pockets and baseball caps, but I can totally picture people getting more creative. Why not clip two of these bad boys to your bike handles and merge the image while simultaneous live-streaming it? Yes those are great ideas, and yes, the SnapCam allows for each of them. You can’t yet clip a dozen ‘cams and merge the images into one mega-sized patchwork quilt of a video just yet, but hey, what are firmware updates for?

Engadget – What’s the opposite of a selfie? Not sure? Well, we’d argue any photo from the SnapCam by iON!

Cnet – According to iON, the built-in battery will keep you recording video for up to 2 hours or streaming video for 1 or shooting 5,000 photos in time-lapse mode.When not snapping away, the camera will sit in standby for 7 days. Everything gets recorded to a microSDHC card with a capacity of up to 32GB (not included) or to your mobile device.

Brand Channel – Change is apparent at CES 2015 in Las Vegas this week, as brands aim to bring “lifelogging” into the mainstream and consumers are urged to life-stream and become the stars in their own social broadcast—just in case you’re not sick of those GoPro selfie sticks already.

Seagate – Coming in at 1.5 inches square, it makes the device ultra portable. This is crucial because as it’s wearable, it’s important to not to be cumbersome and in the way. Cast any concerns aside my photography-loving friend, it’s not. Regardless of whether you’re using a clip or magnet, SnapCam is the perfect size. iON SnapCam boots up in under a second, that’s faster than you can open most apps on your smartphone. Once on, just tap once (for stills) twice (for video) or three times (for live streaming) and you’re good to go.

Tech Glimpse – With SnapCam you can instantly upload wirelessly to your smartphone and begin posting how and where you see fit.   We live in the digital era where taking pictures have become one of the basic everyday life activities, let alone a social activity. We go for mobiles with better camera resolution to eliminate the need of carrying a camera along. In case of a phone, one might have to retrieve it from the pocket or a bag, unlock it, click the camera application and then shoot a picture. So sometimes, people prefer wearable cameras that are easily accessible immediately. iON camera introduces the new SnapCam which is a wearable camera that can extend your smartphone. It eliminates the need of fetching your phone to capture an immediate moment before it passes.

Wareable – The iON SnapCam not only, like its life-logging rival, takes 8MP stills but can also stream live HD video.

Emirates 24/7 – How many times have you missed an opportunity to capture the right shot. By the time you pull out your smartphone, unlock the device and open the camera app, the moment would have passed. Snapcam is a tiny wearable camera and a video recorder that can be fitted onto your shirt, cap or anywhere else and starts recording or capturing images with a simple tap.

Tech Excel Management – A little wearable camera and video recorder named SnapCam from particle is meant to assist check that you do not miss those moments. The SnapCam is sort of a cross between the Narrative Clip two wearable lifelogging camera and therefore the MeCam wearable video camera. Not solely will the SnapCam capture pictures and video like each of these devices, however it captures video in HD quality and is additionally able to live stream video to the web. in step with a corporation representative, the camera is ready to live-stream by connecting to a user’s smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi P2P and exploitation its web affiliation.

snapcam dimensions

GoPro Inc GPRO could get left behind in the point-of-view camera market in a shift to cheaper, wearable “social cams,” an analyst said Friday.

Privately held iON America LLC makes a “compelling case” for a pending market shift, Citigroup’s Jeremy David said following a meeting with the company’s managers.

iON introduced a 1.5-inch square social cam in Las Vegas this week at the International Consumer Electronics Show. Called the SnapCam, the device is priced at $79 to $149.

Although iON’s current product line is dominated by action cams that compete directly with GoPro, it figures growth in the market for point-of-view cameras will be increasingly driven by wearable social cameras, a segment where GoPro currently offers nothing.

iON believes the total market for wearable cameras will grow to 20 million to 25 million units annually within several years, from a current 8 million units.

Benzinga – iON’s Chief Executive Giovanni Tomaselli claims the company is able to introduce one new product every 90 days, according to David.

Shiny Shiny – Granted some people have been live streaming events and life streaming EVERYTHING for years, but with wearable devices taking off in a huge way we can expect to see this kind of recording tech becoming smaller, more durable and… of course… more wearable over the next 12 months.

stats for wearable cameras

Tropical Post – Camera maker iON diversified its line of action cams by moving into the home-security camera market with the iON the Home. At the 2015 International CES, the company is moving into wearables with a new wearable camera called SnapCam.

Slash Gear – Under the plastic hood lies an OmniVision processor, and as a result the wearable is able to activate with a single finger swipe. It’ll last for up to seven days in standby per charge, and offers both a clip and a magnet for fixing the camera to either your body or a metal surface.

Giz Mag – Accompanying apps for use with the SnapCam are available on iOS, Android, Mac and PC. These allow users to save and upload videos and photos to the cloud and to share them on social media sites.

camera specs

The Next Web – iON is no stranger to small POV action cams and has, over the last couple of years, competed with the likes of Contour and GoPro with its iON Air Pro series of sports camcorders. But the SnapCam is new territory for the company.

holding the snapcam

Camyx – Cameras have turned into devices that can log someone’s life. We have seen our fair share of lifeloggers consisting of small cameras that can be attached to your clothes or accessories in order to record whatever happens in front of you.

The latest such project comes from iON Camera, which has been present at CES 2015. The project goes by the name of SnapCam because it is a camera that is already ready to snap a photo.

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Laughing Squid – “SnapCam, A Wearable Lifelogging Camera That Connects to a Smartphone and Takes Images With a Tap”

Video Maker – The SnapCam is quite a step away from the action cameras we’ve seen from iON and the applications are exciting. The ease of setting up social connections and the strength of the streaming video seem to be the biggest questions to answer once the SnapCam ships

Freshness Mag – While there are probably still a few years left in the “selfie” trend, a new entrant into the market is sure to shake up the lifelogging game. Announcing a new challenger to the wearable, always-on camera market,iON presents the SnapCam.

The Wearable Stuff – If you are familiar with the life logging cameras like Narrative and Autographer, then you would definitely like what is in store for you at CES this, as a the competition in this category of wearables is about to heat. The new entrant, SnapCam by iON is a wearable life logging camera.

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