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What do you need to keep an eye on?

iON The Home Camera mounted to Petter Solbergs workshop

What do you need to keep an eye on?

At the World Rallycross Championships there are certain scrutineering rules implemented by the FIA. One of which states that only registered mechanics are allowed to work or even touch the cars during race days. This rule is put in place to prevent the occurrence of corruption or genuine mistakes.


Petter Solber stands in his workshop

Champion Rally driver Petter Solberg is all about keeping everything in order and with this attitude mistakes or surprises are always kept to a minimum. Although there is a team on hand keeping an eye on everything, there is never any real proof of what went on while the officials weren’t watching.
To avoid any question or concern Petter Solberg chooses to have iON The Home Cameras mounted in the pits facing his car. This way if anything is ever questioned Petter can go back over the days movements on his smart phone from anywhere with an internet or data connection.
Petter has a hospitality area in his pits and guests are regularly taken on tour through driver’s areas. Car components, tools and just about everything in Petters pits are worth a lot of money. With iON The Home Cameras placed around these areas Petter is able to keep an eye on his valuables. Certain areas in Petters pits are private and family only access. Petter can arm these cameras so that he gets a notification if an intruder enters. He would then be prompted to watch a video to see who or what triggered the camera.

Petter Solbers workshop

iON The Home cameras only need a power point and Wi-Fi connection eliminating the need to run cables, making setup quick and easy. Petter can add as many cameras to one app so that he can keep an eye on everything home or away with more convenience, security, and peace of mind. Find out more HERE.



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